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Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions

Janitorial services can often be a major headache for companies, but CleanerOffices aims to eliminate those issues. We provide more than just cleaning; we offer comprehensive janitorial management to ensure your facility is always pristine.

Single point of contact

Immersive cleaning approach

Immersive cleaning approach

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window cleaning services
window cleaning services

Advantages of Our Commercial Janitorial Services

  • Professional Appearance: A clean facility creates a trustworthy and welcoming environment.
  • Employee Morale and Productivity: Clean workplaces lead to happier, healthier employees with fewer sick days.
  • Financial Benefits: Regular cleaning is cost-effective compared to expensive repairs due to neglect.
  • High-Quality Cleaning: Our trained professionals provide superior cleaning compared to in-house staff.
  • Safety: Frequent cleaning reduces the risk of accidents and health hazards.
  • Space Optimization: We bring our own supplies, freeing up your storage space.


Challenges in Finding the Right Janitorial Services

Substandard janitorial services can leave your facility in disarray.

Using on-site staff for cleaning is often ineffective and unsafe.

Professional services like CleanerOffices are equipped to handle the job efficiently and thoroughly.


Why CleanerOffices?

Innovative Technology in Janitorial Services

At CleanerOffices, we are revolutionizing the janitorial industry by integrating high-tech solutions into our services. We leverage advanced technology to enhance our cleaning processes, ensure consistency, and deliver superior results. From scheduling to quality control, our tech-driven approach ensures your facility is maintained to the highest standards.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

What types of buildings do you provide window cleaning services for?

We provide window cleaning services for a variety of buildings, including office buildings, industrial facilities, retail spaces, schools, and more.

How often should I schedule janitorial cleaning services?

The frequency of janitorial cleaning depends on your specific needs and location. Typically, commercial buildings benefit from cleaning services at least 3 time per week to maintain a pristine appearance.

Are your cleaning products eco-friendly?

Yes, we prioritize the use of eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products to ensure the safety of your environment and occupants.

Are your staff trained and insured?

Yes, all our cleaning professionals are thoroughly trained and fully insured to provide high-quality, safe, and reliable services.

What if we have a special cleaning request?

We are flexible and responsive to special requests. Simply contact us with your specific needs and we will accommodate them.

How do you ensure quality control?

We maintain regular contact with our clients and conduct periodic inspections to ensure our services meet your standards.

Can you handle emergency cleaning situations?

Yes, we offer emergency cleaning services to address urgent needs promptly and efficiently.

What are your rates for janitorial services?

Our rates are competitive and based on the size of the facility, scope of work, and frequency of cleaning. Contact us for a personalized quote.

How can I schedule janitorial services with CleanerOffices?

Scheduling is easy. You can contact us via email at sales@cleaneroffices.ca or call us at 514-504-2325

Ready to make a lasting impression?

CleanerOffices can help. Speak with our team to learn more and let’s start enhencing your facility!

Happy Customers

“I am very satisfied with the work done  and the difference is remarkable! The customers are very happy with the improvements, especially in the in the locker rooms.  ”

Jessica Lessard, Manager at Energie Cardio


“Thank you so much!! We can see a detailed cleaning was done. The dust level has considerably dropped.  My on-site manager told me there’s a major difference!”

Karine Vigeant, Manager at Cogir



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