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High Level Cleaning

Do you work in a office with giant dirty HVAC pipes in the ceiling? Are you constantly worried that your clients might also see all that dust and look down on your business’s values? If so, well worry not! Our team of professionals will easily access tall buildings and vacuum your high rise ceilings and windows quickly and in an efficient manner.

We all understand that high rise dusting can be quite dangerous, especially when not done by trained professionals or using proper gear. This is one of the main reasons why high rise window or ceiling dusting should always be done by professionals.

We fully understand that keeping your staff happy and enhancing your office views are of utmost importance. This is one of the main reasons why you should hire professional high rise cleaners to do the work for you.  Our high level cleaning system offers a complete cleaning solution, allowing operators to clean up to 30 feet high, from the ground floor; quickly, safely and efficiently with no need for expensive and time consuming items such as ladders, cherry pickers or scaffolding.

CleanerOffice Inc  is a leader in the high level cleaning business. We clean filthy ceilings and dusty windows. At all times, our high quality equipment will deliver the highest efficiency while ensuring that it causes the least amount of disturbance to your customers. We all know that dust can lead to various breathing problems.

According to a recent research by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety, poor air quality is among the five largest environmental threats to many countries including Canada. Therefore, it’s extremely important to have dust removed from your high rise windows, ceilings and HVAC systems regularly.

How do you know if you need high level cleaning services?

First impressions last and that is why it’s our main mission to always provide our customers with quality workmanship, superior customer service, efficiency, accountability and safety at all times. By ensuring that your ceiling or high window are cleaned by professionals, your employees will feel that they are in a much better environment. This in turn will contribute to productivity.

For any business, property maintenance is crucial especially when leasing. This is why our main goal is to make sure that your office space stands out.

In addition, our professional high level technicians will easily notice signs of damage or deterioration on your HVAC pipes, walls or windows. In case we do notice any signs of damage, we will instantly notify you so that you take the necessary precautions.


How do we clean your ceilings?

Step 1:

High rise cleaning is a delicate and sensitive process that has to be done by fully trained professionals. When dusting high rise windows, ceilings or HVAC system, there are several factors that we take into consideration. They include:

The design or shape of the building

  • The height of the ceiling
  • The type of HVAC system
  • Obtables on the floor such as desks, machines, etc


 Step 2:

To eliminate factors which may affect high rise dusting such as  office activities, we normally undertake our high rise cleaning services during the weekends or at night. In addition, we adhere to strict safety measures. Our team of professionals have undergone strict training and are all insured.

Therefore, in case of any work-related incidents, they are always fully covered. To eliminate any possible damage to property and the risk of causing injury to anyone accessing the building from below, we use a dusting system that allows us to operate up to 30 ft from the ground. Our customized high-level cleaning dusting solution includes the following:

  • Diverse range of specialist brushes, tools and accessories
  • Hose kit and cuff accessories
  • Lightweight yet robust carbon fibre poles
  • Wireless monitoring system and camera



Why choose us?


1)  Our cleaning team has been placed under intense training, and therefore they possess the skills  to effectively clean high rise ceilings or windows.

2) We are fully insured and licensed, in case of any work related incidence.

3) Our main goal is to give customers the best high level cleaning services at all times.

4) We are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to take our high level cleaning   services to the next level.

Ready for a cleaner facility?

CleanerOffices can help. Speak with our team to learn more and let’s start cleaning your facilities!

Happy Customers

“I am very satisfied with the work done  and the difference is remarkable! The customers are very happy with the improvements, especially in the in the locker rooms.  ”

Jessica Lessard, Manager at Energie Cardio

“Thank you so much!! We can see a detailed cleaning was done. The dust level has considerably dropped.  My on-site manager told me there’s a major difference!”

Karine Vigeant, Manager at Cogir


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