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Outsourcing your office cleaning keeps it looking good without you having to manage the day-to-day cleaning.

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It is important how your office makes people feel. Effective office cleaning has a direct effect on your bottom line. It can help you find and keep good workers or show your customers that you care about quality.

At CleanerOffices, we believe it is important to provide a healthy, safe, and clean space that helps your business run smoothly. We know how important health and safety are in an office setting, so we follow best practices in the field to give the best service possible.

Our employees are trained to follow the safety rules and workflow of your building.


Benefits of a CleanerOffices Managed Solution


Hiring the right office cleaning service will improve:

    • Employee health:  It is important how your office makes people feel. A clean environment stops the spread of disease and improves general health. This makes people more productive and less likely to miss work.
    • First impression:  People will get a good first impression of your office, your goods or services, and the quality of what you do as a whole.
    • Infection control:  Cleaning services like wiping down surfaces and paying extra attention to places where people touch things, as well as cleanliness and disinfection, can help stop the spread of germs.
    • Make the most of your budget:  Get real value from your office cleaning budget.

What you can expect from us:

    • Use of the latest, most advanced cleaning equipment and machinery
    • Friendly, approachable staff that go through comprehensive screening including drug testing, criminal background checks and verification by the government’s Database to work in the Quebec.
    • Commitment to quality, consistency and customer satisfaction
    • Customized scope of work list specific to your facility
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Facilities managers can get a free office cleaning buying guide from CleanerOffices.

This guide will show you how to outsource your building services like a pro. You will find out why the size of an office cleaning service matters, what kinds of insurance will best protect your business, and if there are any legal requirements to make sure your business only hires people who will not hurt your image. Get the free eBook to take charge of the way you buy commercial cleaning services.

Let us take care of scheduling and planning commercial cleaning so that you can focus on your most important tasks.

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