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People spend time at your facility to get healthy. But, how clean and healthy is your fitness center, gym or spa? A clean facility can differentiate your business and keep members coming back.

Smelly locker rooms, sticky equipment and dirty floors are a turn-off. Plus, warm, moist environments are ideal homes for bacteria, fungus and other illness-causing germs.

With many people touching the same surfaces throughout the day, your fitness center, gym or spa needs a professional cleaning service that is certified to use hospital-grade disinfectants and the best commercial cleaning equipment.


Workplaces of any size and type can benefit from the CleanerOffices Program.


CleanerOffices uses a proven Core 5® process to make sure your guests feel confident that they are using equipment that has had a thorough clean.

Fitness Centers

Prevent cold, flu and illnesses from spreading to staff members and gym-goers with a professional and reliable clean focused on floors, equipment and other high-touch areas in your fitness space.


Leave your guests relaxed and stress free in a fresh and clean environment. Massage tables, spa centers and locker rooms will be cleaned with the latest products and techniques.

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Crush germs in the gym

Colds, flu and other infectious germs – including MRSA – can be spread to your members and guests when they touch dirty, contaminated surfaces. People go to your fitness facility to get healthier and in better shape, not to contract an illness or skin infection. The CleanerOffices® Program helps prevent the spread of germs.

Fight fungus

Fungus and mold breeds in warm, damp places commonly found in fitness facilities. Showers, sink areas, locker rooms, saunas, and piles of wet towels are ideal for fungi to grow. A commercial cleaning company certified to deliver the CleanerOffices Core 5® Process uses hospital-grade disinfectants and proper fitness center cleaning techniques.

Protect your members

High-touch points on fitness equipment need careful and consistent disinfecting. While disinfectant wipes and sprays are used by members and staff on hand grips and seats, proper, professional disinfecting is important to help kill and remove germs that can cause illness and infection. Killing germs is a standard part of the CleanerOffices Program.


Happy Customers

“I am very satisfied with the work done  and the difference is remarkable! The customers are very happy with the improvements, especially in the in the locker rooms.  ”

Jessica Lessard, Manager at Energie Cardio

“Thank you so much!! We can see a detailed cleaning was done. The dust level has considerably dropped.  My on-site manager told me there’s a major difference!”

Karine Vigeant, Manager at Cogir

Ready for a cleaner facility?

CleanerOffices can help. Speak with our team to learn more and let’s start cleaning your facilities!


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