Prevention Disinfecting Services

Offices, Schools, Daycares, Gyms, Clinics, accross the Greater Montreal Area

External Disinfecting Services

ATM machines, Bus Stops, Shelters, Trolley Bay, etc.

Fleet Vehicle Disinfecting Services

Coronavirus Disinfection To Your Operational Business Vehicle Fleet

Who We Are & What We Can Do For You.

CleanerOffices is your first line of defense against COVID-19. We are a Certified Commercial Cleaning Company that has a set of advanced commercial cleaning tools combined with specialized cleaning protocols that have been developed through the years.

We boast of our innovative systems and equipment such as fogging machines, protective suits, masks, etc. that are certified and authorized by the Canada Health Organization

We offer you Enhanced Touchpoint Cleaning throughout the entire facility– touchpoints are surfaces like door handles, handrails and elevator buttons that see many hands over the course of the day and as such, are considered “high-risk” for the possibility of general viral transmission.

We are experts in disinfecting and preventive COVID-19 cleaning and can assure you with our ATP Monitoring Systems. 

CleanerOffices truly cares for our clients and have given top-of-the-line services over the years. We cater to schools, offices, gyms, etc. all over Montreal. We customize our systems depending on your needs to give your facilities  an innovative and hassle-free  disinfecting service.

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Protective Suits (PPE) & Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE)

Our highly trained expert technicians will wear the appropriate PPE and RPE before using ULV disinfection
fogging to disinfect your premises.

Powerful Disinfectant - Approved By Health Canada

Vert-2-Go Saber is a powerful disinfectant cleaner that kills Noroviruses in only 5 minutes and sanitizes in 30 Seconds.


Innovative Technology

We use an ATP Meter to confirm if your surfaces are well cleaned. We send you a before and after report as Proof!

Adenosine Triphosphate, or ATP, is the energy molecule found in all living things, making it a perfect indicator when trying to determine if a surface is clean or not.

How Does CleanerOffices Disinfection Service Work?

Our Technicians will survey your premises wearing the appropriate PPE and RPE.

They will be guided by the site-specific risk assessment, method statement and safe operating procedures generated at the time of the survey.

Our technicians will systematically disinfect rooms and areas that pose a threat of causing cross-contamination using Saber, a high-level surface disinfectant.

Vert-2-Go Saber is a powerful disinfectant cleaner that kills Noroviruses in only 5 minutes and sanitizes in 30 Seconds.

Ultra Low Volume (ULV) disinfection fogging, which incorporates the use of a fogger to generate extremely small droplets of disinfectant fog will be used, to allow for the treatment of large areas in limited time.


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Frequently Aked Questions

We Truly Care About You & Your Health
How Can You Help Our Facility?
  • Professional COVID-19 Disinfecting
  • COVID-19 Preventive Cleaning
  • Commercial cleaning tools combined with specialized cleaning protocols that have been developed through the years.
  • Innovative cleaning systems
  • ATP tests to assure every surface is clean
  • Enhanced Touchpoint Cleaning throughout the facility
  • Specialized cleaning tools and equipment– fogging machines, protective suits, masks.
  • Systems and machines certified by Canada Health
Benefits of Disinfection Service to Your Business
  • Staff protection against Coronavirus
  • Effective disinfection of business premises.
  • Assurance & Peace of mind
  • Prevent cross-contamination
  • Safe, legally compliant, fully traceable waste disposal
Are You Insured For Covid 19 Disinfection?
CleanerOffices Inc. is fully covered by all the relevant insurance policies, including public liability insurance. Not all Insurance companies cover Covid 19 Disinfection. Make sure your provider is compliant.
What Are Disinfection Steps?

1. Consultancy

Our consultants will provide you with the necessary support and guidance during the COVID-19 pandemic, to ensure you get your business up and running as quickly as possible.

2. Education

Our range of education materials support you in increasing your facilities hand hygiene standards.

3. Disinfection

Our highly trained expert technicians provide a professional on-site service and regularly disinfect and deep clean facilities

4. Safeguard

We work with you to ensure that your facility has the highest level of hygiene on-going and that your employees and customers are reassured that you doing everything you can to protect them.

How Do You Prove You Dinsinfected Our Premises?
We use ATP systems to rapidly verify surfaces have been cleaned thoroughly in food manufacturing and healthcare applications, and to ensure that biofilms are not developing on the surface that could affect quality.

Happy Customers

“I am very satisfied with the work done  and the difference is remarkable! The customers are very happy with the improvements, especially in the locker rooms.  “

Jessica Lessard. Manager at Energie Cardio

“Thank you so much!! We can see a detailed cleaning was done. The dust level has considerably dropped.  My on-site manager told me there’s a major difference!”

Karine Vigeant, Manager at Cogir Group



Energie Cardio
Pava Corporation
APP Group
Soia & Kyo

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